Sladosvet is a successful wholesale company on the dried fruit and nut market of Ukraine. The company has proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner for all the participants of this field.

Our objectives

We are committed to organizing everything in such a way, so that the client did not waste his time on searching the products of the best quality but was fully engaged in the sales process. We devote much attention to product as well as service, what shifts the distribution to a new quality level.

Customers choose our company for the following reasons:


- Each day we monitor all the importers and producers of the country and choose the best offers.
- We are constantly improving the quality of nuts frying and processing, fill and pack according to the clients’ wishes regardless of the order volume.
- The availability of products in stock completely coincides with the price list which the client receives. That is why taking an order we guarantee its full delivery.


We organize our work in such a way so that we could provide the maximum speed of order processing and delivery. That is why our warehouses are open 24 hours and the delivery man leaves as soon as possible.


Our policy is based on providing the market average or even lower price than other companies of this field. Moreover, nuts processing and roasting that are performed by our company as well do not increase the price. Together with other mentioned principles of our work this gives us an essential competitive advantage.

Secrets of our success

-           Accountability and guarantee that we keep our side of the bargain.
-           Discipline, accuracy and high efficiency level of our workers.

We value our reputation and do our best to serve the needs of our clients as well as possible.

We will do everything to be useful to you and your business.